People-First Culture

Working at Verbal Beginnings provides clinicians the opportunity to be a part of an evolving company that continues to provide new opportunities for staff. Our dynamic culture allows our team of qualified professionals to find new and innovative ways to provide services to our clients.

Verbal Beginnings invests in the ongoing professional development of each of its employees. We value professional growth and support our employees in their path towards their goals. Some of our programs include:

  • New BCBA® Training Program
  • Everest Career Planning and Mentorship Program
  • BCBA Candidate Supervision and Oversight
  • LUI Leadership Development Program
  • Free Monthly CEU’s 

Changing lives. One child at a time. One professional at a time.

Our Core Values

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  • Collaboration – Working together within the organization to meet the same goals

  • Dissemination – Spreading the knowledge about the Autism Services to those outside the field

  • Education – Teaching clients and families on the technologies used within their treatment plans

  • Innovation – Applying new technologies to stay abreast of the most recent & effective research. And giving back to the community with new research generated within the organization

  • Inspiration – Influencing others within the organization to learn & grow professionally, following their passions

  • Quality – Making quality at the core, VB strives towards excellence for our clients, families, and employees through continuous improvement.

Pledge of Care

As an organization focused on constant improvement, the Pledge of Care is the commitment you’ll make to uphold the highest standards of ABA and seek to constantly improve every aspect of the experience for families and kiddos. Learn more about the Pledge of Care and the difference it makes in the client experience here on our blog.

Proud ACE Provider

Verbal Beginnings is proud to be an Authorized Continuing Education (ACE) provider. As leaders in our industry, we dedicate ourselves to the ongoing professional development of our team. Therefore, our organization can provide Continuing Education Units, giving our employees the resources they need to grow and provide the best support possible to our clients.

Celebrating 13 Years!

Verbal Beginnings is celebrating more than a decade in ABA! That’s 13 years of advocating for change, innovating through research, developing constantly-improving practices, and seeing our impact on professionals and families in our Center, field, and over 40 countries around the world. If you want to become a better clinician and contribute to the growth of ABA as a whole, then this is where you belong!

A Mission of Change and a Commitment to Equality

Verbal Beginnings’ mission – to change lives one client at a time, one professional at a time – drives our ongoing commitment to listen, hear, and act in support of our community. The senseless death of George Floyd, and many before him, has brought forward a unity of voices elucidating the direction of that change. Our community is hurt and we will not stand silent. We are listening and are committed to taking action. We are doing the work to define our path forward and embedding that work into our culture and core values. We will continue to educate ourselves first and foremost, and others, to bring needed change to our organization and the community we serve. We understand and support that now is the opportunity to learn and grow. Through our funding and establishment of the Verbal Beginnings Diversity and Inclusion Council, we aim to ensure that diversity and inclusion become an integral component of Verbal Beginnings and that our community continues to evolve and inspire others.

That is our commitment and calling as we press on in our mission of change.

Investing in People. Focused on Growth

Our annual Exhale Retreat is just one the most powerful and exciting ways we invest in our BCBAs and leaders at Verbal Beginnings. This is a chance to truly get away, come together, connect, collaborate, and have some fun while learning the tools and strategies to grow as clinicians and people. From trainings and CEUs to leadership opportunities and career growth strategies and tools, VB is focused on growth both inside and out!

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For those who are interested in either pursuing a career in Applied Behavior Analysis or furthering professional development, Verbal Beginnings offers various training programs to assist in any way possible.
Our ABA Therapists are the core component of the services we offer. They provide 1:1 ABA therapy in home and community based environments, implement individualized treatment plans, and collect data to monitor the progress and effectiveness of the individualized treatment plans.
The role of the BCBA is to provide therapeutic services based on the principles of ABA to Verbal Beginnings’ clients. The position involves the assessment, development, implementation, training, supervision, and monitoring of home, school and community based ABA programs.
The role of the Clinical Coordinator is to provide on and off-site support for BCBAs working with families in the field. Clinical Coordinators serve as leaders in our team-based approach to therapy.
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Leadership Opportunities

Verbal Beginnings is continuously expanding in new directions.

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