woman working with kids does q and a with verbal beginnings

Q and A with Verbal Beginnings Columbia Therapy Company

For parents of children with autism, Verbal Beginnings Center offers hope. Created in 2016 the program offers Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy in a center-based environment. ABA Therapy is a successful method of helping children diagnosed with autism to overcome many of their challenges and is particularly successful when you begin providing services to children…

little boy is annoyed with planned ignoring

What Is Planned Ignoring ABA? Examples Of Extinction Behavior In Kids

The procedure of planned ignoring involves deliberate parental inattention to the occurrence of target child behaviors. In other words, parents identify behaviors that function as a means of getting their attention and selectively ignore them. One example of planned ignoring might be with the child who engages in tantrum behavior whenever his mother is on…

woman works with children on verbal operants

What does my therapist mean when they say, “Verbal Operants”?

Many children diagnosed with Autism who are receiving ABA Therapy have programs that focus on the treatment of language delays. Programming developed as part of the treatment is commonly based on the analysis of Verbal Behavior. These programs focus on the development of “verbal” language skills that allow communication between an individual who is being…

orange toilet for toilet training autism

Toilet Training Autism – A Major Developmental Milestone

Developing independent toileting skills is an important milestone for children and families to overcome. Graduating from diapers to the use of toilet is seen as a critical step in the development of young children and helps to promote positive social experiences, successful interactions in the home and to boost confidence in the child. Often times,…