Traveling with Children with Autism? Check these Travel Tips and Hacks

Travel can be physically and emotionally challenging for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and sensory processing disorders. They may have difficulty with routine changes, over-stimulating environments, and feeling a loss of control. However, there are things you can do before and during your travel that can make things easier on the whole family. Planes,…

career goals

What’s Your Everest? Setting Career Goals with Verbal Beginnings

Life is better with goals.  They give you a direction and a purpose.  They can help motivate you to achieve things that take months or even years to attain…things with long-deferred reinforcers that would otherwise have no effect on your behavior.  And goals can help give you that extra “boost” when times are tough and…


Waitlists for Autism Diagnosis: Avoid the Wait and Get Services Sooner

If you’ve begun your journey to receive an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis, or other pediatric behavioral diagnosis, you may have come across other parents, teachers, and caregivers who have warned you of the dreaded waitlist process. Autism waitlists are currently a universal barrier to medical diagnoses and effect families living in both rural and urban…

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Natural Environment Teaching (NET) To Support Summer Skills Learning

For most children, summer is a time for playing in the sun and learning through play. The fun times had in the sun with other children are key to children’s development of social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth. As typically developing children play they tend to spontaneously learn skills from one another and from the…


Babbling: A Key Milestone for Speech and Language Development

At Verbal Beginnings, intervention focuses on increasing a variety of areas within each learner’s repertoire, including verbal behavior, social skills, functional life skills, and group instruction skills. Within this blog, we will focus on the development of speech and language, or verbal behavior as we, as behavior analysts, refer to it. Both children and adults…