Turn Screen Time into Social Time!

While social distancing has changed the way we live and work, the need for your child’s ABA services is still as important as ever! Verbal Beginning’s Telehealth ABA offers two important ways to continue the ongoing investment in your child’s ABA treatment and helps you stay connected with the community. For Parents we offer our ABA Exploration Program, an educational service aimed at helping you understand and apply the concepts of ABA in your home even better. For kids we offer Social Beginnings Telehealth, our award-winning social skills program, but virtual.

For Kids: Social Beginnings Telehealth ABA

Turn screen time into social time! With our Social Beginnings programs now ranging across all ages, these opportunities are available to all. Children will join online groups with the instructor leading the lesson. Lessons will cover social skills appropriate for online interaction and social engagement with peers based on skill levels assessed. Specific lessons are designed and new skills are taught and practiced throughout the session. Parent involvement materials are given to reinforce skills between lessons.

Sample lessons include: Circle Time, Story Time, Cosmic Yoga, Science Experiments, Bingo, Movement Empowered Activities, Jeopardy, Games, Problem Solving Activities, and much, much, more!

4 Programs to Choose From

The Telehealth Online Beginners Program is based on typical preschool/kindergarten group instruction. Circle time is an interactive small group, with a primary focus to generalize skills from 1:1 instruction, increase social awareness, and increase on task behavior in a group. It also advances learners towards less intrusive learning environments as we systematically fade out 1:1 instruction and move towards group ratios! Activities include: Hello Song, favorite toy, song with toy, circle time, peer interaction.
Ages 3-5

The Telehealth Online Intermediate Program, held several times throughout the day, is for younger elementary-aged children. Through structured online sessions, they’ll learn to share with and get information from peers, take turns, and stay focused on an activity with an online group. Children that would benefit from this group are ones that have difficulty engaging with peers independently and that have mastered basic language and communication skills. Activities include: Hello, calendar, weather, share something about self/day, simple game, share and interact with peers.

Ages 4-9

The Telehealth Online Advanced Program, held several times throughout the day, is for older elementary-aged children. Group time will consist of structured learning and peer engagement through facilitated game play! Activities include: Hello, calendar, weather, sharing personal information, simple game with learning component (e.g., level 3 concept like pronouns), simple game that’s cooperative with peers.

Ages 6-12

The Telehealth Online Teen Program is for pre-teens and teens! Using their favorite online games and platforms, they’ll build skills around peer conversation, sharing interests, and cooperating with each other. Children that would benefit from this group can use the computer with minimal guidance and can converse with their peers. Activities include: Catch-up and discussion about days, game with learning component (e.g., handling social situations), game that’s cooperative with peers and requires lots of language/interaction.

Ages 12-17

  • Complete telehealth offering
  • Spans all age ranges
  • Instructor-led groups
  • Built on VB’s award winning Social Skills curriculum
  • Includes parent involvement materials

For Parents: ABA Exploration Program

Our parent education program uses Verbal Beginnings’ very own curriculum to teach and empower families to understand basic and complex ABA concepts.

Through individual sessions with our Clinical Supervisors, families can go through the structured curriculum by learning the skills and practicing the skills. This program is offered in-home and through telehealth. It creates the opportunities for parents to become their child’s therapists outside of sessions, to reinforce the skills learned in sessions and receive step-by-step training based on your child’s specific goals. Schedule individual sessions with your Clinical Supervisor.

Through group telehealth sessions with our Clinical Supervisors, families can learn broader concepts in a supportive and caring environment with other families. Specific learning objectives will be identified and individual examples can be discussed as they apply to the topics. Group telehealth sessions are led by BCBAs and also function as a much needed support group for our families in addition to learning broad ABA concepts. When we’re all online in a group together, we can learn, share experiences, and support each other during this unprecedented time. At this time, this group is offered through telehealth only.

  • Based on proven curriculum
  • In-Home or virtual through telehealth
  • Led by Clinical Supervisors
  • Customized to specific learning objectives
  • Group and Individual session options
  • Become your child’s therapist and reinforcer!
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Access to the above programs is dependent on insurance authorizations. We are monitoring the developments as more and more insurance companies are relaxing their restrictions to allow for telehealth. Verbal Beginnings is committed to delivering these medically necessary services and supporting our families in this time of need.