The process is individualized for each person depending on their history and specific needs.

Initial Consultation

Upon receiving your intake paperwork one of our BCBAs will contact you to set up an initial consultation. They will come to the meeting prepared to learn more about your family as a whole and ask questions that will help them determine your child’s primary areas of need. At this meeting, you should be prepared to answer a series of in-depth questions about your child, your family and places outside of the home where you would like support. This information will help guide the BCBA in determining the assessments that will allow them to develop your child’s treatment plan.


The BCBA will decide which assessments will be the most appropriate for your child. A combination of 1:1 direct assessments, observations, data collection, and interview-based assessments will be administered. We give a 30-day period for the completion of the entire assessment phase, including the development of the treatment plan. Common assessments include FBAs and the VB-MAPP.


Once the assessments are completed, the BCBA will develop a comprehensive treatment plan. Our plans include assessment results, treatment goals, recommended schedule for therapy, teaching procedures and data sheets used to track your child’s progress during the course of therapy. If applicable, a behavior intervention plan and a Verbal Behavior Assessment will be provided. Following the completion of the treatment plan the BCBA will set up a meeting with the family to review the treatment plan. If you are happy with the direction of therapy we will have you sign the treatment plan and prepare to begin our direct therapy services.


woman goes through aba therapy for autism with childTherapy is a team approach that involves the team of clinicians implementing direct therapy, monitoring progress, updating treatment goals and observing your child’s progress throughout the direct process.

Direct 1:1 therapy is most commonly implemented by our highly trained and experienced Technicians. Depending on your schedule and the frequency of therapy you may have anywhere between 1 and 3 technicians assigned to work with your child. Technicians that join our team are required to have experience implementing ABA Therapy and working with children diagnosed with Autism. As an added bonus to the quality of services that they provide, each of our ABA Technicians are trained to a level of excellence that qualifies them for the national Registered Behavior Technician credential.

Our BCBAs are highly involved with the programming on an ongoing basis. Their continued role involves training the caregivers, monitoring your child’s progress and supervising technicians. Each of these services are individualized per family but the company’s minimum supervision requirement is 1 hour of supervision for every 10 hours of technician services for each technician assigned to the family.

Family Coordination

The BCBA will set up monthly meetings to implement family training. This may include team meetings with the family, technician, BCBA, and any other appropriate providers; modeling techniques; observing and providing in the moment feedback to the other therapists/caregivers; training on new strategies or reviewing previously taught strategies; and/or conducting an overall check-in to review progress and discuss upcoming goals.


The goal of our therapy is to generalize skills across all settings and people. Our BCBAs will make it a point to keep real world application in mind when teaching skills by continuously fading prompts with the ultimate goal of achieving independence. The BCBAs will engage the family in observing and learning the techniques used within therapy so they can use it when the therapists are not present. Finally, when it is appropriate and the client is ready, the BCBA will focus on generalizing the acquired skills to the natural environment. It is important to us to see effective strategies utilized across as many environments as possible. We are more than happy to consult on your behalf with other professionals involved in your child’s life.