Check for Available Providers
If you’re interested in receiving ABA therapy covered by medical insurance, please contact us and let us know!

Our Client Relations Specialist (CRS) will gather information about your child and all information you if we have a provider available in your area.


Check Benefits

Verbal Beginnings will check your insurance benefits on your behalf to determine if you have ABA insurance coverage and the type of benefits you have.


The next step is to obtain an authorization. Many times, authorizations are required because Applied Behavior Analysis is monitored closely by insurance companies to make sure it is medically necessary.

We’ll also send you intake paperwork to fill out. This will give our clinicians background information about your child so they have a good starting place when assessments begin.


Once we have all the information from you and from your insurance company, one of our amazing Board Certified Behavior Analysts will contact you to get started with the Assessment and Therapy Process.

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