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Early Intervention services for children that target communication, social, self-help, and school-readiness skills.

Early Intervention ServicesEarly Beginnings is an early intervention services program that provides individualized ABA therapy through our Center or In-Home services.

Our unique program provides children with the opportunity for 1:1 instruction, transitional school services, and kindergarten readiness skills, all with our family-based approach to care. Contact Verbal Beginnings today to schedule a tour of one of our Centers or to learn more about our in-home offerings!

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Early Beginnings (Early Intervention Services for ages 2 years to 6 years) - Service is conducted at the Verbal Beginnings Center in Columbia, MD
In-Home ABA Services (For ages 2 years to 16 years) - Service is provided anywhere in the field including school and daycare, if allowed. In-home services are offered in VA, DC, MD, DE & PA

Early Intervention Services

What’s unique about the early intervention programs at Verbal Beginnings? Glad you asked! We believe that working with your child on the Autism Spectrum in the earliest years (ages 1.5 – 6 years old) and developing a customized treatment program for your child, we can focus on individualized goals to improve verbal and non-verbal communication, general independence and social skills. By structuring our program around these foundational elements, your child is set up for success both in the classroom and out.

Early Intervention Specialists in Maryland, Pennsylvania, DC, Virginia, and Beyond

The staff at Verbal Beginnings work together to assess and begin your child’s program as quickly as possible, no matter where you live! Our staff of BCBAs, RBTs, Program Coordinators, and other clinicians will work together on an individualized approach tailored toward your child’s specific needs.

Our Pledge of Care is focused on Delivering Compassionate Care Through Effective Treatment to help your child learn new skills, overcome challenges, and increase success in school and life. Together, with parents, families, and our staff, we are changing lives!

1:1 Instruction

Children work 1:1 with highly trained professionals to develop skills in each of our core focus areas. Progress is closely monitored and programs are adjusted as each child acquires target skills.

Kindergarten Readiness

Critical developmental skills are built and strengthened with a focus on language development and kindergarten readiness.

Family Coordination

Families work with their clinicians as part of their child’s clinical team.

Transitional School Services

As children transition into school environments, Verbal Beginnings will work closely with the school to assist with insuring that appropriate supports are in place to help your child succeed in their new setting.

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