Autism Spectrum Disorder and Applied Behavior Analysis

mom of two children with autism wonders what is aba applied behavioral analysisYour child recently received the Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis and you received a referral for Applied Behavior Analysis.

What’s next?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Verbal Beginnings specializes in Applied Behavior Analysis, commonly known as ABA therapy.

What is ABA? Answer: Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the leading, research-based methodology proven to bring about positive, meaningful change in behavior in individuals with autism and learning disabilities. ABA has been endorsed by state and federal agencies, including the U.S. Surgeon General.

ABA uses data to determine the effectiveness of programs once treatment protocols are in place. If data reveals that significant changes are being made, treatment changes are recommended. ABA is used within several treatment approaches such as Natural Environment Teaching, Discrete Trial Instruction, Incidental Teaching, Behavior Management, etc. The goal of ABA therapy is to have the learner master skills to generalization, which means that the learner is proficient in the skill to the extent that he/she performs the skill independently, across different settings and people.

Funding Options

ABA therapy is now covered by insurance companies! See if your insurance company is in our network.
Grants can be used when paying for ABA privately and can offset the costs of copays/deductibles and anything insurance doesn’t cover.
Different counties offer different programs for students diagnosed with autism. Check whether these resources are available to you.

Therapy Process

The process is individualized for each person depending on their history, needs and coverage.

Upon receiving your intake paperwork our BCBAs will contact you to set up an initial consultation.
The BCBA will decide which assessments will be the most appropriate for your child.
Once the direct assessments are completed, the BCBA will develop a comprehensive treatment plan.
Direct therapy is delivered and progress is evaluated on an ongoing basis.
The BCBA will set up monthly meetings to implement family training and provide ABA resources for parents.
The goal of our therapy is to generalize skills across all settings and people.