What does Verbal Beginnings Do?

Verbal Beginnings provides Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy to children ages 2-18 diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

ABA therapy is an individualized approach that is tailored toward each child’s specific needs. Clinicians use effective researched-based strategies that have been empirically validated to make meaningful changes in each child’s life.

Why We Do What We Do

By utilizing the principles of ABA, Verbal Beginnings unlocks children’s potential. With individualized teaching procedures in place, clinicians make lasting progress in each child’s and family’s life.

Verbal Beginnings is here to make a difference and give every child a chance.









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Meet the Founders

Nick Chappell

MS, BCBA, LBA | Co-CEO and Founder | .
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nick chappel head shot on about verbal beginnings pageNick Chappell holds a Master’s of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis from Northeastern University and is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Over the past 15 years, Nick has worked in school, home and residential placements providing therapy and consultative services to children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Through his work at the New England Center for Children, Nick mastered teaching and programming based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) that allowed him to establish a strong foundation upon which to help build the clinical program at Verbal Beginnings. His later work overseeing the clinical program of 15 residential programs as an Assistant Clinical director at the Vinfen Corporation under the guidance of Dr. Michael Dorsey, prepared him for a leadership role managing remote programs. Nick has since further developed his career to refine his leadership through the study of business management and working relationships with local entrepreneurs. His well-rounded experience combined with the skills of Diana Wolf has placed Verbal Beginnings as a model company at the forefront of excellence in delivering high quality ABA Therapy to families.

Diana Wolf

MA, BCBA, LBA | Co-CEO and Founder | .
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Diana wolf head shot on about verbal beginnings pageDiana Wolf received both her undergraduate degree in Psychology and her Master of Arts degree in Human Services with a concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis from UMBC. While completing her Bachelor’s degree, Diana worked in a Neurobehavioral Unit, providing intensive behavioral interventions as well as a private ABA Technician in the home. Both environments exposed her to the challenges of Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental disorders and how to manage behavior and teach children to acquire skills. Following the completion of her Bachelor’s degree, Diana decided to expand her experience in the field and joined a Pediatric Feeding Disorders Unit. There, she learned how Applied Behavior Analysis can be used for treating picky eaters and children who struggle with feeding due to medical reasons. After 2 years of working on the Feeding Unit, successfully completing her Master’s degree, and obtaining her Behavior Analyst certification, Diana continued to gain experience in different environments; she then decided to work in the school setting as a Behavior Specialist. Throughout her journey, she formed a great relationship with Nick Chappell. Both saw a need for more attention, support, and treatment for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, which led to the formation of Verbal Beginnings.