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7090 Samuel Morse Dr., Ste. 100
Columbia, MD 21046

The Verbal Beginnings Center (VBC) houses our early intervention services, feeding therapy, and social skills programs, as well as family education workshops and parents’ night out. The VBC offers an enriched social environment with highly trained RBTs and BCBAs. 1:1 support is provided for both individualized therapy as well as support during group instruction.

At the VBC, peer interaction is incorporated into each child’s treatment plan. The availability of social opportunities with peers promotes critical skills necessary for children to excel independently in a variety of social settings.

Caregiver collaboration is an integral part of each child’s progress. BCBAs meet with each family regularly to share progress and discuss ways to generalize treatment in the home.

The VBC offers a unique opportunity for each child to work with dedicated RBTs, BCBAs and Program Coordinators. This team approach provides the foundation for your child to generalize new skills.

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Take a Virtual Tour of our Center!

Want to take a 3D virtual tour of our amazing center? Just click below and have a look around at our classrooms, feeding area, playground, meeting spaces, lobby, conference space and more!

See our Center in Action!

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Early Intervention Services Near You!

Located on Columbia Gateway Drive in Columbia, MD, the VBC is easy to get to whether you live in Columbia, Howard County, or anywhere in central Maryland. Completed in 2019, the first thing you’ll notice is that we really designed the entire space around our kiddos. From our large waiting room with play area to our enclosed outdoor playground, the Verbal Beginnings Center was built from scratch to support the kind of ABA therapy for children at the highest standard.

Be Our Guest!

When you come for a tour (or take the virtual tour here on our site), what will you notice about our space? Well, you’ll be able to see our dedicated feeding wing featuring individual rooms, kitchen area, and parent areas for observing treatment in action. Down the hall you’ll see our open, spacious (and fun) classrooms, color-coded and matched up with some amazing animal murals! After passing through our secure entry/exit you’ll be out in our enclosed playground where we work kiddos on all things physical, outdoor, and fun. Back inside you’ll be able to see our indoor gym space, additional classrooms, our offices, conference center, and parent consultation rooms, every inch designed to help all of us create the kind of parent/therapist partnership that translates into powerful results for your kiddos!

Whether you’re looking for early intervention, kindergarten preparation, help with picky eating, or guidance on treatment for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, The Verbal Beginnings Center is designed to meet your needs. How can we help you?

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Social Beginnings

Designed for children who display minimal behavior challenges, but need assistance in social awareness and developing age appropriate social skills.

Healthy Beginnings

Designed for children showings signs of food selectivity. Parent training is incorporated and treatment is generalized to the home environment.

Early Intervention

Designed to develop fundamental skills necessary to succeed in a classroom-based setting, peer interaction and cooperative play.