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Targeting communication, social, self-help, and school-readiness skills.

Early Beginnings is an early intervention program that provides individualized ABA therapy in an enriched social environment.

The program provides learners with the additional opportunity to work on classroom skills and learn with peers in an environment that prepares them for school.

1:1 Instruction

Learners work 1:1 with highly trained professionals to develop skills in each of our core focus areas. Progress is closely monitored and programs are adjusted as each child acquires target skills.

Circle Time

Learners practice their skills in a natural environment with bigger groups of their peers. Instruction exposes learners to the challenges of a busy learning environment.

“Buddy Blocks”

Buddy Blocks presents opportunities to expand individualized learning to a small group setting. Enriching activities such as art, reading, outdoor activities and music are embedded into the agenda.

Structured Group Play

Structured group play sessions allow learners to develop fundamental skills related to peer interaction and cooperative play.

Transitional School Services

As children transition into school environments, Verbal Beginnings will work closely with the school to assist with insuring that appropriate supports are in place to help your child succeed in their new setting.

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